CBInstallfest.4 专业完成


#GDG #ZhuHai #report #2014 CBInstallfest.4 summary

The event, a total of 25 participants, most of students from BEIJING INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Zhuhai, as well as another students from Beijing Normal University and Sun Yat-Sen University in Zhuhai.

  • Spawnris made the first opening, to introduce the situation of Zhuhai GDG.
  • Next is Cherry introduce Cubie’development in the form of stories, and the establishment of CubieBoard Makerspace.
  • Then Arron to share embedded linux development. Introduces Cubieboard, and shared a few to get started playing CB problem. Finally, and also introduced the linux community and kernel development model.
  • The fourth,Peng Yongle to share Android development. The main share eclipse installation, SDK configuration, the new Android projects and eclipse commonly used shortcuts.
  • Finally, we are most looking forward to install flash OS, we are installed flash OS under the guidance of engineers,


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海选文章:21 优秀亚裔都是"纸老虎"?

01300000333999125256908397450.jpg(JPEG 图像,448x276 像素)

这篇题为«纸老虎»的文章,是一个叫卫斯理·杨 (Wesley Yang) 的韩裔美国人写的. 作者通过采访和个人经历,认为很多在美优秀的亚裔都是”纸老虎”.

看到亚裔孩子很多上了美国的名校,在佩服家长的教育,孩子的努力的同时,我常常很好奇地想知道这些孩子毕业后的生活,在职场上竞争的结果. 看了«虎妈战歌»之后,更想知道.


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