Summary DevFest-WTM

GDG Zhuhai hosted DevFest-WTM(WomenTechmakers) on 8th March 2014 as full day’s event. with GDG NewDelhi make the first cross-country GDG collaborations ;-) (just atta. only one collage, more photos pls. look at here)



8.5 hours full day event
77 people registered
49 people registered showed up, 26 WOMEN! (>50%)
8 speakers, 4 for Site Interview (all women!)

Free food and soft drink all day

  • 100 boxes of chocolates (nobody not love chocolate)
    • as gift for all participants
    • include man, but order them must sent girlfriend ;-)
  • 15 Pizza as lunch

in Schedule:

  • 10:00~10:30 Ms. Bonnie - intro. DevFest-W and GDG Zhuhai
  • 10:30~11:00 Ms. xuee - Impromptu speech: Think in working.
  • 11:00~12:00 Site Interview
    • Ms. xuee/bonnie/tanli/xiaojiao
    • topic as: if back 7 years ago, what is u need tell uself?
    • this topic touch girls deep memories,
    • share a lot of life experience for fix major problems:
      • found realy like things
      • found the right offer
      • need Puppy love
      • jump out of fear
    • Record

Original plan is 12:00~14:00 lunch+society time. usage GDG Istanbul’d design “Don;t as Google” Frame, so happy shoting.

but 13:05 GDG NewDelhi ask hangout us. immediately shout all people back room,and make cross-country Hangout. after try 3 times , Live Hangout showing !

Mr. Shrey Malhotra - Google Cloud Platform

unfortunately the sound is always intermittent.
people in Zhuhai all not understanded the details of speech.
hope Shrey can shring us the presentation.

Ms. Grace Wang - WPS Story woman engineer local zhuhai,talk about story for original common office software: WPS for fixed Cnglish, we publich Speeches

end the unite-time, one NewDelhi girls ask us:

Under what operating system developing WPS?

because WPS is Cross-platform common office software; so us engineers coding under all kinds of OS:

  • windows
  • Ubuntu
  • MAC OS

in fact,today WPS all files include more than 200+ million lines of code! real complex big project, soooo many tech story can talk.

btw: in fact Zhuhai prepare two topic, but forgeted ScreenShare can not scrap the Video streaming, had to cancel at that time: - CleanMaster Story - Slides - Speeches

Thanks to Shrey Malhotra, Anubha Balani and others for make ture for unite-time with NewDelhi.

After the hangout, we back schedule:

  • 15:45~16:15 Ms. Grace Wang - Wearable computer and Smart Home
    • show us so many ehe most cutting-edge electronic products!
    • Record
  • 16:20~17:30 Ms. YaYa - Model Making
    • woman engineer self-defined as “the Electronic second generation”
    • because parents are electricians ;-)
    • show us all kinds of model and building story.
    • Record
  • 17:30~18:05 Ms. zhao - Etiquette in working show us how to makeup woman engineer become beauty and youth.

when event end,rainning, but everyone excitement for know such pretty CodeGirls.

Important is, them pretty not only base skin, just through the activity for learnning/try anythings!

A big thank must give all volunteers come from Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai for support envet.

another big thank you to Zoom.Quiet and GDG Zhuhai Team (Bonnie Liu,SpawnrisG,langqixu,LiTan).

Event Links: G+ : DevFest-WTM(Women Techmakers) ZhuHai - Google+ Session Videos :

the lost topic:

Session Records

Session Slide : - 130727-gdgzhgdl base S5 (one kinds of html5 slides) - right version: 2-22-sod-zq-zhgdg-intro





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