• hi GDG guys
  • Cnglish again!
  • i’m Zoom.Quiet, come from China, as GDG ZhuHai Organizer
  • my Barcamp topic is:
    • base ‘L10N’ make GDG chapters
  • and pay attention, my slides is base s5,its pure html page
    • so had released into internat
    • thit is the URL


  • yep,i know the Zoom.Quiet is error name
  • but again,its my realy NikName
  • and base the error name , i hold the global unique id !
  • so the logo is show about what my error name realy means


  • all my public speech, hold one page abt. Disclaimer
  • that all


  • today,i just want to sharing two points
  • what is problem in china gdg
  • and how 2 fix it?


  • we know China population is very large!
  • in fact more than 1.3 billion!
  • the number is come from 2011
  • now? of course more than it!


  • its means every year!
    • there will appended 6 million students
    • for china colleges
  • and also means every year!
    • thers will granduation 0.6 million students
    • work as coder

GDG in china

  • and we know, China had 14 cities had GDG
  • and in total there is 0.01 million member for China GDGs
  • but think about every year!
    • thers will granduation 0.6 million students
    • work as coder
    • China GDG member is sooo litter


  • why soo litter member?!
  • i persnal guess is:
    • GDG in china is not FUN enough!

Difficulty in China

  • for chinese developer
  • the bigest problem maybe is GFW
    • we call its 功夫网
    • what means? thers has link
    • its wikipedia, you can read it later
  • and just know because GFW
    • youtube is invalidation
      • means GDL is non-existent for chinese
    • also invalidation
      • means us GDG organizer summit is non-existent for chinese
    • also invalidation
      • means G+ is non-existent for chinese
    • also invalidation
      • means GDA (Academy) is non-existent for chinese

difficulty PLUS

  • almost contents in YouTube is English
  • almost contents in sites also English
  • almost contents in developer also English
  • BUT!
    • the mostly chinese developer only can Cnglish
    • and in the same time, most people is shy
    • shy to ask

so always fall in bad loop

  • not understand
  • shy
  • not ask
  • more not understand
  • just got zeor fun
  • had to leaved GDG

how fix it?

  • i am believe in Henry Ford said:
      • Coming together is a beginning;
      • keeping together is progress;
      • working together is success.

GDG in Global

  • again, we know there is 109 contries had GDG
  • 390 cities had GDG chapter
  • in fact non-English chapter is not litter

so what kinds of tasks

  • can make Chapters working together?!


  • means Localizition

such as ZhuHai GDG

  • as GDG we have:
    • mailing list
    • G+ pages
    • G+ Commuinity
    • weibo ~ kinds of Twitter in china
    • wechat ~ knids og Whatsapp in china
    • bbs ~ the chinese habit communication way
    • and usage Trello as Kanban system
      • coordination community intra. matters

GDG core

  • so in my minds
  • GDG ‘s core is eventes
    • because we must base events
    • make people get together to learnning/coding/sharing

events just beginning

  • after start
  • how to make people hold on learnning/coding/sharing
  • my way is: H2H
    • means heart 2 heart
    • must continual communication with ture man!


  • so for GDG ,it almost everywhere need L10N

as standard GDG

  • makeup buy member
  • and member is always working as
    • as organizer
    • as learnner
    • as volunteer

L10N for organizer

  • can make Pari Eventes
  • such like Pair Programming
  • bettewn GDGs
    • for make great event
    • sharing good ideas/flows/games
    • together make series Brand events
    • such as
      • GDG GuangZou invention “College OpenDay”
      • so others GDG can copy the event
        • name
        • contents
        • advert storys
        • etc.

L10N for learnner

  • can together to translate GDL videos
  • because Chinese learned English is booking english
    • almost developer just can write and read
    • but can not speeking
    • means chinese Shy in realy-world, BUT NOT Internet ;-)
  • so base GDL caption translating
  • in fact, the learnner is sharing out them learnning process
  • of course, if always some guys, whoes level like self
    • to togehter fix all kind of troubles
    • to togehter grasp new technic
    • the process is must be FUN

L10N for developer

  • base sdk from
  • there is soooo many cool things wait us make it
  • through code, non-English Chapter can fun together

L10N for volunteer

  • spread each other events
  • spread each other design
  • spread each other gifts
  • spread each other storys
    • the story is always the most touch part of community
    • yeah!


  • so you heard out
  • the Localization is “Zoomation” Localization
  • the key is
    • GDG guys always is sweet guys
    • so say we are!
    • we must became new friend
  • and make some good guys becaming new frinds
    • is always includ fun
    • this kinds of fun
    • can create good loop in GDG
      • new friends
      • new fun
      • so more friends
      • get more fun
      • of course member can more and more ;-)

that all

my core points is:

    • English not fun in Chinese
    • “L10N” is always need in GDG
    • Pair someting make fun



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